Entry #1


2008-07-20 15:29:34 by ChiefOnionSauce

All of my songs are experimental. Never really have a motive with them. Of course the exceptions are remixes and songs like Hot Fuzz.


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2008-08-15 14:30:51

Yes you sure have a motive, else you wouldn't work on em now did you? :)
It's because you love to make music, and love to work on it. Well it always gives me a great pleasure doing it x3. Anyways good luck on further producing.
Oh and yeah you got another motive.. some fans are waiting for you. :D

ChiefOnionSauce responds:

Heh... You are right in what you're saying, though what I'm saying is that I don't really begin making a song knowing what I'm trying to acheive with it.
The exceptions are remixes and Hot Fuzz, but everything else I just randomly pick something and go with it. When I think I've found something, I go back to the beginning and change things around to make it flow into what I established. The best example of this would probably be Helix. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.


2008-09-18 06:27:44

I am just wondering when your remix is done from my song, if it's done I sure would like to have a pm about it! ;)